Director: Erica Lüttich

During May a small group of women came together to start a journey about a conversation around maternal grief and the sorrows rural women live with but have no place to express. Katherine Low from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Erica Lüttich put their hearts together to find a way for these conversations to be recorded, and become archival material of evidence. The search for a film person that has empathy and generosity of spirit lead us to Louis Le Grange from Worcester. On the 10th of August we as the HexLappies of Stofland in the Hex River Valley came together to celebrate women and the work achieved by the group over the first 12 weeks. Louis arrived with his professionalism and empathy to record and film the women with sensitivity. There was not a sign of any patriarchal edge in sight. This led to a film that represents women as strong and sure of their voices, of exploring their own ability to be in control of their futures and that of their families.